Slick Talk With Osker D is a revolutionary show with a mixture of inspiration from "The King of all Media" Howard Stern, and the sketchy impromptu humor of Chapelle's Show. It is hosted by Arkansas's finest multi-faceted Osker D, "The Big Ol Black Ric Flair", singer, rapper, actor, writer, activist. He is supported by an array of diverse co-hosts by the name of ItsDaKid, talented DMV artist, the beautiful, classy, & intelligent Ms. Leshawne,  & Del Murray, a singer, songwriter. 

These furious 4 come together to cover current events and tackle some of the deepest subjects that common folk face on a daily basis. The goal is to reach and uplift the listening audience, but to also have them laughing along the way. Osker D is a very edgy and honest host that has no problem expressing himself with pure honesty and boldness. Osker D 'so focus is also to focus on independent artists, black owned business's, and any Ventures deemed positive that can be helpful to communities around the world. Be sure to tune in every Wednesday night from 6-8pm for a real treat, and as Osker D says, "Learn To Love it, because it's the best thing going today".

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