The Gloss hosted by “Crystal Mcc” is to educate, entertain and enlighten not only the people of DMV but listeners who tune in all over the country and world. We believe in providing quality programming that will be delivered through engaging conversation, and formatted segments that are specifically targeted to inform our listening audience. The Gloss plays a variety of genres but specializing in Go-go the heart of the DMV. Crystal McC spotlights the local talents such as Big Tony from ”Trouble Funk”, Weensey from Backyard band, Rappa Dude-Northeast Groovers, ”32” Man of the year (2014) “Da Mixx Band”, also DJ ”Supa Dan” The DJ that saved Go-go, just to name a few. Spotlighting small businesses, community leaders and activist, bands, DJ’s, Chefs, Authors, Promoters and much more…..

The Gloss is on each and every Saturaday

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