The Ride is a musical talk show that was created to provide a platform for independent artists, entrepreneurs, activists, creatives and more from all over the world to share their gifts and talents. In a time where what’s hot and trendy has most of the focus, The Ride provides real conversation and real good music for those who like to dig a little deeper. Speaking on subjects that range from infidelity and conflict to political interests and the effects of mental illness on the community, hosts Kel and Cam are sure to give you a varied and fresh perspective on the things we experience from day to day. Inviting guests to speak openly and honestly about their careers, topics of interest and current events, Kel and Cam allow you to experience the musician, the singer, the entrepreneur in a very different way, allowing for freedom of expression and a lack of pretense. 

Hailing from Indiana, Kel is a singer, writer, and possesses an energy all her own. She loves music and conversation and is very passionate about community and service, wanting to ensure that we all have access to the information that is imperative we have to progress together. 

 A Kentucky native, Cam started Dj’ing at the age of 15, and has always had a love for music.  He is currently aspiring to break into acting.  He has always had a draw to helping people through conversation. His passion is making the lives of others better. 

Be sure to tune in Tuesdays from 6-8pm est as we take you along for The Ride…